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Is Removal of Spider Veins Covered by Insurance?

Many vein treatments are covered by insurance, but treatment for spider veins alone is typically not included. These visible veins (also called telangiectasias) are generally considered a cosmetic issue, so most insurers will not contribute to the cost of treatment. If you have spider veins, however, you may (or may not) have other vein problems like varicose veins, which typically are covered. It makes sense to get a quick and painless exam at our local vein clinic to learn about the state of your overall vascular health. If vein problems are diagnosed, our vein doctor has many options to help keep your vascular disease from getting worse. Like spider vein treatment, most of our vein care options are minimally invasive with no downtime. In some cases, simple lifestyle changes can help you avoid future vein problems. 

When Is a Cosmetic Problem, Like Spider Veins, a Serious Problem?

Even though insurance companies usually consider visible spider veins on face or body to be cosmetic, that does not mean this issue is unimportant for you personally. If spider veins on your face, chest, legs or body are bothersome or annoying to you, that’s serious. If the visible veins make you feel less confident than you should–these are perfectly valid reasons to seek treatment for your spider vein condition, even if insurance won’t help you pay for it. In fact, you might find your spider vein treatment very affordable. You might consider it to be an investment in yourself–and you are worth it. To help our patients pay for treatments, our office accepts Care Credit, which may offer “no interest” financing options, for those who pay their full balance within 6 or 12 months.  

Spider Vein Treatment Options 

Perhaps the most popular spider vein treatment today is Cryo-Sclerotherapy ™, which involves injections with a tiny, thin needle, after cooling the skin to reduce the sensation. This makes the treatment painless, or nearly so, for most of our patients. Topical anesthetic cream can also be used. Laser treatment is another quick and effective option to banish the annoying veins. After talking with you and examining your spider vein condition, Dr. Shah will recommend the best treatment for your particular condition. 

Get Expert Vein Treatment in King of Prussia

If you have spider veins that make your skin tone less than perfect, call or visit your local vein center to learn more about treatment options. Dr. Mehul Shah is our board certified, fellowship trained vascular physician, dedicated to restoring vein health and improving quality of life for all our patients. Contact us at Vascular Medicine Center in King of Prussia, PA, today.