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Laser Face Treatments

Laser Face Treatment Machine | Microlaser peel laser Cosmetic face treatments are among the most popular uses for medical laser technology. Here at the Vascular Medicine Center, we offer our patients a wide range of laser face treatments.

Dr. Shah’s Laser Face Treatments

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comma-1 I was referred to Dr Shah by my dermatologist to remove my varicose veins. She told me he was the best Vascular Doctor in the Philadelphia area. Upon meeting Dr Shah, he personally did a thorough consultation which involved taking my history and examing my legs followed by him personally doing a venous duplex ultrasound which enabled him to find out that I had “leaky valves” in my Saphenous veins. Following this he recommended that I needed to have endovenous laser ablation procedure followed by Micro-Phlebectomy for my Varicose veins on my legs. Having never had any type of surgery, I was very apprehensive about the whole process. Dr Shah and his staff were so friendly and immediately put me at ease. I have never had such a personal rapport with a doctor or his staff before now. It is refreshing to be around Dr Shah and the girls in his office. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering with varicose veins. comma-2

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