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Acne is an extremely common condition, with approximately 85% of Americans developing it at one point or another. While it usually strikes during adolescence before resolving on its own, there are some people who continue to live with acne as adults. Acne is caused by the blockage of a sebaceous oil gland surrounding a hair follicle. When oil and dead skin cells accumulate in the gland, bacteria grow, causing an infection and subsequent blemishes. Dr. Mehul Shah is proud to offer a solution to this common problem. Using the latest laser treatments, he can eliminate your acne once and for all. To find out more, contact us to schedule your appointment with Dr. Shah today.

Laser Treament for Acne

Using advanced laser treatments, we are able to target acne bacteria and the overactive sebaceous glands that foster their growth. Unlike medicines used to treat acne, laser acne removal can penetrate below the skin’s surface to treat the bacteria directly. With this revolutionary treatment, you can say goodbye to acne for good.

The Procedure

The laser emits energy at a precise frequency, allowing it to heat the bacteria and destroy it while passing harmlessly through the surrounding healthy tissue. It can also prevent the sebaceous glands from overproducing oil, preventing future breakouts. Laser acne treatments usually take 15 minute each. In order to fully eliminate your acne, several treatments will be required. Your treatments sessions will usually be scheduled twice a week over the course of several weeks.

Recovery from Laser Acne Treatment

Laser acne treatment is performed in office on an outpatient basis, meaning you can return home right after your session. You will notice a faster healing time in the treated area(s) with each subsequent treatment. Most patients do not need to deviate from their normal schedules after treatment.

Schedule Your Laser Acne Treatment Today

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of clear skin once again, contact us today and get the best  laser acne treatment Los Angeles has to offer.


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On the Medical Front, we have achieved spectacular results using the Endovenous Laser procedure (ELVeS) to treat large veins, which is a revolutionary non-surgical alternative to vein stripping and it is performed in our office as an outpatient. A thin laser fiber is inserted into the affected vein, which then treats the vein as it is withdrawn.


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comma-1 He is very calming and the treatment works. The doctor has a great bedside manner and I have referred both my mother-in-law and good friend there for varicose vein treatments. He is very cutting edge and overall took a bad experience and made it good. His staff is all very friendly and nice. He was really good all the way around; I have no complaints about him. comma-2
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