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Dark Circles

At some point, everyone has noticed dark circles under their eyes. We all know that staying up and not getting enough sleep can leave our faces puffy and our eyes sagging in the morning. But for many people, genetic factors can cause dark circles under the eyes no matter how much rest you get. If you are suffering with chronic dark circles, Dr. Mehul Shah can use the most advanced laser treatment for dark circles to help you, eliminating dark circles under the eyes. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shah.

Causes of Dark Circles

The appearance of dark circles under the eyes comes from the blood vessels in this region. As we age, the already thin skin in this area can become even more transparent, causing the purple vessels beneath to increase in visibility. Due to loss of collagen in the face can also bring the skin closer to the eye sockets, enhancing the appearance of dark circles.

When to Seek Treatment for Dark Circles

In many cases, dark circles are simply the result of long nights and shortened sleep. Before seeking treatment, you should make sure that your dark circles are more than a matter of sleep deprivation. Trying home remedies – such as cucumber slices, moisturizing creams, and reduced sun exposure – is also a good idea before opting for laser treatment. However, if your dark circles persist after these measures have been taken, laser treatment may be right for you.

Laser Treatment for Dark Circles

Laser treatments work by delivering heat energy to damaged cells, effectively causing them to vaporize. The advantage of using lasers for this treatment is their high degree of precision: the laser’s pulses can specifically target the darker pigments under your eyes while passing harmlessly through the healthy cells above. In some cases, an injectable filler may be used in conjunction with your laser treatment to plump up areas with diminished collagen. Dr. Shah uses the Aura I laser with the Princess formula for dark circle treatment.

Recovery from Laser Treatment for Dark Circles

Laser dark circle removal is performed on an outpatient basis; you should arrange to have someone drive you home following the procedure, as your eyes will have been treated. Regular activity can be resumed within a few days of treatment in most cases, although most people keep the treated area covered in public for about 10 days after treatment. The entire recovery period lasts about two weeks, after which time you can resume wearing contact lenses.

Schedule Your Dark Circle Laser Treatment Today

If you are suffering from dark circles and home remedies have proven ineffective, contact us to make your appointment with Dr. Shah today.


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