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Laser Hair Removal

Smooth, flawless skin is now more attainable than ever before, thanks to advances in laser technology. If you are tired of constantly shaving, waxing, and/or tweezing your most sensitive areas, make your appointment to meet with Dr. Shah today. He can walk you through the whole process and help you achieve soft, hairless skin using laser hair removal. These procedures are now easier and more effective than ever. If you are interested in saying goodbye to your razors for good, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works in a manner similar to other laser treatments. A special handheld device delivers specially calibrated pulses of energy directly to the targeted cells. In the case of laser hair removal, the hair follicle is targeted for treatment. The laser’s energy passes harmlessly through the skin and heats the follicle, causing it to vaporize. This prevents the hair from growing back in the future.

Dr. Shah uses two types of lasers for laser hair removal, depending on the shade of your skin. For light skinned individuals the Apogee Elite 755 nm would be used. For individuals who have darker complexions, the Apogee Elite 1064 nm would be used.

The Laser Hair Removal Process

Hair grows in cycles. There are stages of active growth followed by periods of inactivity. In order for the laser treatment to be successful, the individual hairs must be in their active growth stage. Unfortunately, your hairs don’t all grow on the same cycle. For this reason, multiple treatments are needed to make any given region completely hairless.

Does the Hair Grow Back?

When the targeted hair follicles are successfully treated during their active growth phase, they become permanently inactive. This means that the hair will not grow back. However, in some cases new hairs can grow in the treated region, usually as the result of hormonal changes. In those instances, further treatments can make your skin smooth again.

Recovery from Laser Hair Removal

Following your laser hair removal treatment, you may notice some redness or minor swelling in the treated area. Tiny scabs or goose bumps may also be apparent. These conditions usually subside within a day or so. Using a cold compress or hydrocortisone cream can be used in the mean time.

Schedule Your Laser Hair Removal Today

If you are interested in having smooth skin without the need to shave, wax, or pluck ever again, contact us today and schedule a session to get the best laser hair removal Philadelphia has to offer.


comma-1 Twenty years ago I went to Dr. Shah for spider vein removal which was treated with injection Sclerotherapy. It was almost painless and a great experience, as they were totally eliminated after his two treatment sessions and never returned in those areas of my legs again. I was in my late 40s then. Now I am in my late 60′s and had decided to get my legs done again, in new areas of my legs, before I went on a cruise. I called Dr. Shah, but unfortunately I could not get an appointment right away which I needed as to go on my cruise.I saw numerous ads on the TV for a clinic which is nationwide and which does vein treatments. I called them and got an appointment right away. I had two treatments but at this other clinic they only use a nurse and not a doctor to do the injection Sclerotherapy which were much more painful than Dr.Shah’s treatment. My spider veins looked just the same as they did when I started my treatments with them… They said it would take a few months to see results but I never saw any results at all. When I called them back they said it would take about 8 treatments to see results, which is not what they told me before.I decided six months later to make an appointment with Dr. Shah and had them treated with two almost painless sclerotherapy treatments. Dr. Shah himself does all the treatments and he is a perfectionist. So my legs look great again!

I would highly recommend Dr. Shah to anyone who wants a job well done with the least amount of discomfort as well. comma-2

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