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Sun Damage and Age Spots

The sun is one of the biggest contributors to the visible signs of aging. While most people enjoy sunny days, you have to take the proper precautions to avoid long-term sun damage and age spots. Avoiding the tanning bed and wearing UVA- and UVB-blocking sunscreen are always advisable. But for many people, the damage has already been done. Fortunately for those who have sun damage or age spots, our medical director, Dr. Mehul N. Shah, offers the latest laser treatment to rejuvenate sun damaged skin.

Laser treatment for age spots and sun damage is a remarkably fast, easy way to give your skin new life. Specially calibrated lasers deliver pulses of energy from a handheld device. These energy pulses target areas of discoloration, such as sun spots. The advantage of laser treatments over other skin treatments is that the energy delivered can be adjusted to only target damaged cells. To find out if this treatment is right for you, contact us today.

Sun Damage and Age Spot Removal with Lasers

When done correctly, the laser’s energy flows harmlessly through your healthy skin cells and is absorbed by the damaged cells. This is relatively easy because sun damage and age spots tend to have darker pigmentation than the surrounding tissue. These darker cells are heated by the laser pulses, which causes them to vaporize. In many cases, these dark spots can be removed in a single easy treatment.

Dr. Shah uses the Aura I laser and the Apogee Elite 755 nm laser depending on your skin type.

Treating Sun Damage and Signs of Aging with Lasers

Laser treatment for sun damage and age spots is conducted in an office setting as an outpatient procedure. Most procedures take between 30 and 45 minutes, meaning most people can return to work the same day. Getting the most out of your treatment means taking steps to protect yourself from the sun (with broad spectrum sunscreen, protective clothing, etc.) and keeping the treated area clean.

Candidates for Removing Sun Damage and Age Spots

If you have sun damaged skin as the result of sun exposure, including age spots, laser skin treatment may be right for you. During a consultation with Dr. Shah, you can plan out the best course of action to give your skin the healthy, refreshed look you want.

Dr. Shah can apprise you of your prospects during your consultation.

Recovery from Laser Skin Treatments

After your treatment is completed, you will have a thin scab over the affected area. Once the scabs are gone, you will begin to notice your age spots fading gradually. This process may take several weeks, with repeat treatments if necessary.

Schedule Your Laser Skin Treatment Today

If you are interested in saying goodbye to sun damaged skin and age spots. Contact us now and schedule a session to get the best sun damage treatment and brown spot removal Philadelphia has to offer.


comma-1 I recently had my severe varicose veins corrected by Dr Shah using Endovenous Laser Ablation for the Saphenous veins followed by Micro-Phlebectomy for the residual Varicose veins.I found the entire process to be very professionally done and with minimal discomfort. Dr Shah very patiently answered all my questions in detail, and took care to explain each step both before and during the procedures. The results have been excellent, and I can heartily recommend Dr Shah to anyone else who wants to get their varicose veins corrected. comma-2

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