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What are the Benefits of Clarivein?

ClariVein® is a new, quick and convenient varicose vein treatment, known as an occlusion catheter system. We have introduced ClariVein at Vascular Medicine Center in King of Prussia, as part of our mission to offer the latest, proven varicose vein treatment for our patients. This new, no-downtime vein procedure can be the best option for our patients with Varicose veins and Venous insufficiency. This new and innovative varicose vein treatment fits in well without our other minimally invasive procedures, helping us to successfully treat vein problems that range from Varicose Veins and chronic venous insufficiency and more.

ClariVein Vein Treatment | King of Prussia

What is ClariVein Treatment for Venous Insufficiency?

As an occlusion catheter system, ClariVein gives your vein doctors an additional powerful and effective varicose vein treatment to close off (occlude) diseased veins using a catheter (an extremely thin, flexible tube). This tiny tube is used to deliver sclerosant solution (a liquid which causes the vein to collapse) and the tip of the catheter which has a hair thin rotating wire rotates at high speed. During the treatment, the catheter is inserted into the malfunctioning varicose vein and “shuts down” the vein by releasing the sclerosant. Afterward, body can better route blood around the area–through remaining healthy veins. The unsightly varicose vein soon disappears and poor circulation symptoms improve.

Advantages of ClariVein

  • Effective. The tiny catheter contains a hair-thin rotating wire to efficiently distribute the chemical irritant, closing the varicose vein.
  • Nearly painless vein treatment.
  • Uses no heat (laser) to destroy the vein.
  • Needs no tumescent anesthesia injected along the vein so less chances of bruising.
  • Quick recovery. Requires little interruption to your day.

When is ClariVein Recommended for Vascular Medicine Center in King of Prussia Patients?

ClariVein has been shown to safely, effectively treat and eliminate larger varicose veins, according to recently published research in the medical journal Phlebology in February 2017. Specifically, the study notes that ClariVein treatment works well for problems with the great and small saphenous veins. These veins are located in the leg, where more varicose veins are found. Both of these saphenous veins are superficial veins, meaning they are closer to the surface of the skin than deep veins.

The great saphenous vein is the longest vein in the body and runs from the deep femoral vein, down the entire leg, to the foot. The small saphenous vein branches off from the popliteal vein at the knee area and runs down the back of the calf to the foot. The upper part of the small saphenous vein extends from the knee up to the inner thigh. Our vascular physician may recommend ClariVein if your saphenous leg veins are the site of your vein problems.

See if ClariVein is Right for You at Our Vascular Medicine Center in King of Prussia

If you have varicose veins, spider veins or circulatory problems, our expert vein doctor, Dr. Mehul Shah, can recommend the best treatment options. Please contact Vascular Medicine Center at 610-813-6300 today.

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