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Cryo-Sclerotherapy TM

Because traditional sclerotherapy treats damaged veins by irritating them until they close, patients who undergo this procedure usually experience some level of discomfort. The sclerosing solution is an irritant, and it must be injected into the damaged veins in order to produce the desired effect. In the past, most patients only had the option of a topical anesthetic to reduce the pain caused by this procedure. That’s why Dr. Shah developed his very own method, known as Cryo-Sclerotherapy.

Cold air device used with Cryo-Sclerotherapy  2

This proprietary process involves the use of a special cooling device in conjunction with the standard sclerotherapy procedure. The Cryo-Sclerotherapy device works much in the same way as rubbing ice on your skin before a painful injection: the lowered temperature dulls the nerves, reducing sensation. However, unlike ice, the Cryo-Sclerotherapy device can be used throughout the procedure and doesn’t carry the risk of nerve damage.

Dr. Shah’s revolutionary cooling device can be used with other procedures as well, increasing patient comfort and reducing anxiety. He developed his Cryo-Sclerotherapy method as part of his ongoing commitment to give each and every patient the best experience possible.

Watch Dr. Shah Demonstrate Cryo-Sclerotherapy TM



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