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Microphlebectomy Vein Surgery

After the source of the venous reflux (chronic superficial venous insufficiency) in the Saphenous vein is addressed using the Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), microphlebectomy vein surgery is commonly used to treat the residual bulging varicose veins. For some patients with varicose veins, the more common vein treatments are insufficient for treating the problem. Usually, the size and location of these varicose veins leaves them in a no-man’s-land of vein treatment options. When they are near the surface of the skin, veins that are too large to be treated with sclerotherapy and are too tortuous for laser vein treatments can be effectively treated using microphlebectomy. Dr. Mehul N. Shah has helped countless satisfied patients using the microphlebectomy varicose vein treatment procedure.

Microphlebectomy Varicose Vein Treatment Surgery

Advantages of Using Microphlebectomy to Treat Varicose Veins

Like other varicose vein treatments we offer, microphlebectomy has many advantages:

  • Minimally Invasive
  • Local Anesthesia Only
  • In-Office Procedure
  • No Stitches
  • Tiny dots seen at site of micro-puncture openings after procedure for a few weeks
  • No Downtime- patient able to walk right away after procedure and resume activities of daily living the very next day. Patient can go back to work the next day
  • Covered by most insurance companies when associated with varicose veins with symptoms such as pain, swelling, skin changes in the leg

The Microphlebectomy Varicose Vein Treatment Procedure

The microphlebectomy varicose vein treatment procedure is performed by Dr. Shah right here in our Philadelphia vein center. After anesthetizing the affected areas of the leg, superficial varicose veins are treated through micro-punctures using a small hook-like instrument. The micro-punctures are so small that they do not require stitches and leave only a few dots for a few weeks as opposed to large incision scars with vein stripping. Once the residual bulging veins are treated with microphlebectomy, most patients can walk right away return to their activities of daily living.

Watch Microphlebectomy Performed on a Real Patient


Combining Microphlebectomy With Other Varicose Vein Treatments

Microphlebectomy is quite effective for treating varicose veins, especially when combined with other treatments. It is often used in conjunction with endovenous laser treatment or sclerotherapy, although it can be effective on its own. During your consultation, Dr. Shah can recommend the best course of action for you.


Recovering From Microphlebectomy Vein Surgery

Following  microphlebectomy surgery, one may experience some tenderness, swelling, and bruising at the procedure site on the leg. Patient is able to walk right away after the procedure. One will need to avoid gym activities for about 7 days after this treatment. During this time, one may be asked to wear compression stockings.  Since every individual is different, Dr. Shah will advise you on the specifics of your recovery.

Schedule Your Microphlebectomy Varicose Vein Treatment Today

Dr. Shah can evaluate your vascular problems and recommend the best course of action for you. To learn more about microphlebectomy varicose vein treatments, contact us today to schedule your varicose vein treatment appointment.



comma-1 Twenty years ago I went to Dr. Shah for spider vein treatment which was treated with injection Sclerotherapy. It was almost painless and a great experience, as they were totally eliminated after his two treatment sessions and never returned in those areas of my legs again. I was in my late 40s then. Now I am in my late 60′s and had decided to get my legs done again, in new areas of my legs, before I went on a cruise. I called Dr. Shah, but unfortunately I could not get an appointment right away which I needed as to go on my cruise.

I saw numerous ads on the TV for a clinic which is nationwide and which does vein treatments. I called them and got an appointment right away. I had two treatments but at this other clinic they only use a nurse and not a doctor to do the injection Sclerotherapy which were much more painful than Dr.Shah’s treatment. My spider veins looked just the same as they did when I started my treatments with them… They said it would take a few months to see results but I never saw any results at all. When I called them back they said it would take about 8 treatments to see results, which is not what they told me before.

I decided six months later to make an appointment with Dr. Shah and had them treated with two almost painless sclerotherapy treatments. Dr. Shah himself does all the treatments and he is a perfectionist. So my legs look great again!

I would highly recommend Dr. Shah to anyone who wants a job well done with the least amount of discomfort as well. comma-2

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