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Surface Laser Vein Treatment

Because spider veins occur mostly at the superficial level, just beneath the skin, they respond quite well to laser vein treatments. These procedures can effectively reduce the appearance of small spider veins. In many cases, laser vein treatment is the second step in a two-part vein removal process that may also include endovenous laser treatment or sclerotherapy. These other treatments are used to treat the underlying causes of spider veins before the laser is used to treat the surface-level veins. Contact us to schedule a consultation today. Our vein doctor, Dr. Mehul Shah, has treated countless patients using laser vein treatment and can determine the best course of action for you.


How Surface Lasers Work

Surface laser vein treatment uses the latest laser technology to eliminate damaged veins without the need for incisions or infections. The laser delivers a pulse of light energy directly to the skin. It can be calibrated to specifically target the damaged veins, passing harmlessly through the skin in the process. When the heat produced by the laser hits the vein, it causes the blood vessel to shrink and eventually close.


Types of Surface Lasers

Dr. Shah uses the latest and most advanced surface lasers. Click on a laser below to learn more.

Laser Vein Treatment Areas

Spider veins on the legs and the face can both be treated using this method. The laser is coupled with a cold air device to minimize discomfort. Some patients experience minor bruising or a slightly darker pigmentation in the affected area following surface laser vein treatment. These conditions typically subside within a few weeks.

Cutera laser

Recovery from Surface Laser Treatment

Following your laser vein treatment, you will be asked to avoid strenuous physical activity and hot showers, although you can resume other normal activities. You may also be given compression stockings to help deliver the best possible results.

Schedule Your Surface Laser Treatment Today

If you are suffering with spider veins and are looking for an effective way to treat them, contact our vein center today. In addition to surface laser vein treatment, we offer a variety of treatments to help you say goodbye to those unsightly red and blue lines. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Shah, call today.



comma-1 I am a personal trainer. I love what I do because the better people feel about themselves – the better they treat others and view life. Endorphins – the natural happy chemical our brains make when we are in an euphoric state make us feel great…..SO …. Ok- here is the fun info !!! Dr Shah can take fillers and Botox and make you look as refreshed as you used to feel!!!! ( endorphin time when you smile )…!!! When the world views you as refreshed – we all seem to step up to the plate and feel better. When we show our exhaustion or sun damage in aging – our reflection appears to be tired. So –I call facial appointments as magic time !!!!

Dr Shah has many different products ( all FDA approved) that he can choose to help us with the result we desire. The treatments vary for each patient -as a photo facial or laser facial may achieve the reversal of sun damaged skin and eradication of spider veins and redness on the face. The dermal filler may take away the deep and superficial lines and wrinkles that have found their way into our facial creases.

No matter what procedure Dr Shah advises… You can be assured HE is performing the task himself and you are not in a production line of a nurse doing the fillers or Botox injections. Dr Shah has never given me that horrific frozen look or scared/shocked look because he believes in a natural look — and takes every precaution to assure his patients are happy with their result. I have many clients who were unaware that I “helped nature” along the way. I believe in sharing the fact that our bodies can get strong, can get lean. can be healthy — but aging and the decrease of estrogen in females is a battleground that can be attacked !!!!! Three cheers that Dr Shah has taken our side to make those creases and lines disappear !!!

It is wonderful to trust your smile in the hands of a caring talented doctor and artist! comma-2

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